Естественный Травяной Порошок Формула Для Лечения Кровотечение Из Носа, уменьшить Внутреннее Тепло, здравоохранение хорошо для тела.

Естественный Травяной Порошок Формула Для Лечения Кровотечение Из Носа, уменьшить Внутреннее Тепло, здравоохранение хорошо для тела.

Price: US $18.90
Price: US $18.90
item specifics
Тип изделия:
Яркий блеск ногтя
Natural Herbal
Размер модели:
1 pack
Вес нетто:
Natural Herb Extraction Powder
Natural Gray
Cure Nose Bleeding
2-3 grams/each time, 3 times a day
All Natural Medical Herbs Extraction
Ultra Low Temperature Extraction
Resealable Plastic/Paper Bag
Product description

Natural Herbal Powder Formula For Cure Nose Bleeding, Relieve Inner Heat This formula is cited from the famous TCM prescription book “Ben Cao Gang Mu”, and has been modified during the thousand year's practical uses among Chinese TCM doctors, and now we present to you its modern application, a crushed herb medicine powder formula. This formula is suitable for curing nose bleeding caused by inner heat and weakness, which are normally related to liver and lung disorder, also, scientific research find out that using herbal medicine to cure nose bleeding is less harmful to the body than chemical medicine. For repeated nose bleeding, it is specially recommended to take this herbal formula because it can normalize and nourish liver cells. Also, different from TCM herbs being boiled for a long time, this crushed herbal formula can be brewed with boiled water, and drink the medicine as a herbal tea. Also, because it is made of all natural plants, this formula has no side effects and will not increase body's drug resistance or develop dependence of drugs. Effective for:

  • Cure Nose Bleeding;
  • Beat Down Inner Heat;
  • Protect Liver and Lungs;


Usage: Stir 5 grams of powder into boiled water and drink the clear liquid when it cools down. Drink this formula 3 times a day after meal. Ingredients of the Formula:

  • Chinese Foxglove
  • Yam
  • Cornus officinalis
  • Paeonia suffruticosa
  • Alisma plantago-aquatica
  • Poria cocos
  • Saposhnikovia divaricata
  • Tribulus terrester

Warning: When taking this formula, do not eat any spicy food or over greasy food. Storage: Store in a cool, dry place and keep away from direct strong light. Shelf Life: Two years from the date of manufacture under the storage condition as recommended above.

Expert review
Естественный Травяной Порошок Формула Для Лечения Кровотечение Из Носа, уменьшить Внутреннее Тепло, здравоохранение хорошо для тела..
Review by: Caddy S.

I appreciate this article so well that I made up my mind to publish my first opinion ever! I'll acknowledge that when I came over this product when just roaming around online stores once, I had no target of purchasing anything. Upon more particular study, however, I was interested by the finding that this manufacturer cares for ecology questions. This may not strike as all that important unless you happen to own, or are interested in holding environment friendly products as far as possible.

I inspected all over the web to recognize if I could solve my problem and noticed this item. It’s unknown for me, but it has many favorable testimonials and I required something like this! So, I took up ???????????? ???????? ??????? ??????? ??? ??????? ???????????? ?? ????, ????????? ?????????? ?????, ??????????????? ?????? ??? ????.. It came today, and I was delighted by its fine quality and even with the wrap – a nice finding these in our time. The first thing that I did was trialing it for the statement mentioned on this online store. No questions there: all is adequate to the characteristics.

The quality is so much higher than I've ever put to the test or even expected. I had definite uncertainty but I was mistaken. This is a solid, high-level product and I recommend it highly. This product is also a small gift to myself to make my everyday life a little better...

When I was ready to make a purchase and needed to clarify certain details – I’m very safe when purchasing from an untested online shop – customer service was very friendly and helpful. They answered all my requirements with improbable courtesy. If you were familiar with me, you would catch that it’s not so simple :-)

So here’s the matter of my buyer trial:

PROS: Exclusive quality product, prompt shipping.

CONS: None that I can name.

For this cost, I am greatly content with ???????????? ???????? ??????? ??????? ??? ??????? ???????????? ?? ????, ????????? ?????????? ?????, ??????????????? ?????? ??? ????.. I will definitely buy from this store more.
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I never actually wrote testimonials about a product until I tried this one. AMAZING MAGNIFICENT. Awesome item , especially for the cost. Functions as stated. Performs better than any of the other articles that I have tested.
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