2016 Горячий высокого класса Природный Подлинная белый як рог павлин гребень антистатические против перхоти уход за волосами гребень

2016 Горячий высокого класса Природный Подлинная белый як рог павлин гребень антистатические против перхоти уход за волосами гребень

Price: US $29.80
Price: US $29.80
item specifics
Тип изделия:
Размер модели:
natural yak horn
Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price:
60 US dollars
Product description

Product Details: Name: Yak horn peacock comb Material: high quality yak horn Specifications: 20 cm X 6 cm X 0.8 cm (size manual measurement, there will be some deviation) Selected white yak horn material, solid color, no insect eyes, no cracks, uniform thickness. Double-sided hand-carved peacock style, natural beauty, fine details, seamless. Polishing fine, polished glossy, do not wipe the oil is not wax, hand-open teeth, not to hurt the hair, do not hang hair. Because the handmade, so each comb size, thickness, texture, color can not be exactly the same, please understand. We are committed to the quality of each comb, a library of substandard products. Often use horn comb, can make hair more healthy, make hair dark well growth and more. This product since listing, it is very popular, many customers like it very much, collect it as a gift. Maintenance of common sense: Do not place it in the temperature of more than 40 degrees Celsius environment, regular moisturizing cream applied, maintenance of moisture, prevent cracking. If it deformation of bending, with a hair dryer hot air blowing it soft, with a flat weight on the pressure in the above.

Expert review
2016 Горячий высокого класса Природный Подлинная белый як рог павлин гребень антистатические против перхоти уход за волосами гребень.
Review by: Katie D.

I appreciate this article so strongly that I determined to issue my first opinion ever! I'll admit that when I discovered this product when just rambling around different websites one day, I had no intendment of ordering anything. Upon more severe study, however, I was interested by the finding that this producer cares for ecology questions. This may not look all that vital unless you happen to have, or are interested in having eco-friendly products as far as possible.

I examined all over the web to see if I could solve my issue and found this article. It’s unacquainted to me, but it has many good references and I had need for something like this! So, I purchased 2016 ??????? ???????? ?????? ????????? ????????? ????? ?? ??? ?????? ??????? ??????????????? ?????? ??????? ???? ?? ???????? ???????. It came yesterday two days ago, and I was content by its good quality and even with the wrapper – a welcome surprise these nowadays. The first thing that I did was experiencing it for the features pointed on this online shop. No troubles there: everything meets the description.

The quality is so much higher than I've ever tested or even hoped. I had definite worries but I was wrong. This is a stable, high-level article and I recommend it highly. This order is also a little present to myself to make my routine a little more welcome...

When I was prepared to make a purchase and needed to clarify some details – I’m very cautious when ordering from an untested store – customer service was very polite and courteous. They answered all my calls with unbelievable politeness. If you were familiar with me, you would catch that it’s not so lighty :-)

So here’s the substance of my buyer impressions:

PROS: Cool quality article, quick supply.

Disadvantages: None that I can indicate.

For this amount, I am greatly content with 2016 ??????? ???????? ?????? ????????? ????????? ????? ?? ??? ?????? ??????? ??????????????? ?????? ??????? ???? ?? ???????? ???????. I will for certain order from this online shop more.
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I never actually left comments on a product until I sampled this one. AMAZING MAGNIFICENT. Good item , especially for the price. Operates as specified. Works better than any of the other products that I have trialed.
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