75 мл Высокое Качество Кутикулы Омолаживающий Нефти Nail Art Лечение Польский Уход За Кожей Смягчить Маникюр Косметика Питание Масло D038-002DD

75 мл Высокое Качество Кутикулы Омолаживающий Нефти Nail Art Лечение Польский Уход За Кожей Смягчить Маникюр Косметика Питание Масло D038-002DD

List Price: US $12.64
Price: US $7.71
You save: US $4.93 (39%)
List Price: US $12.64
Price: US $7.71
You save: US $4.93 (39%)
item specifics
Тип изделия:
Уход за ногтями
масло для кутикулы/питание нефти
Размер модели:
D038-002 bluerise
1 Piece
Вес нетто:
Cuticle Nutrutious Oil
Product description

Nail Decorations HOT
Nail Lamp HOT
UNail Pen HOT
UNail Polish HOT
Nail Tool HOT
Nail Treatment HOT
Set&Kit HOT
False Nail HOT

75ml High Quality Cuticle Revitalizer Oil Nail Art Treatment Polish Skin Care Soften Manicure Cosmetics Nutrition Oil B61 BB

Tips For You:

1.All the beautiful colors are in stock!
2.Ship within 1- 3 working days.

3.Because Aliexpress policies ,all order require registration, so we'll take part of the freight for some countries
4.Delivery time is about 28-60 days. some distant countries or the peak season maybe delay. If you have not received the package, please leave message for me,we will extend prtect time for your order.
5.If you have any questions about products, services, logistics etc., please contact customer service for the first time, we will contact you within 24 hours, we will give you best service. please don't open dispute.
6.We are manufacturer support wholesale,take a message to me.
7.Pls help to leave a full name to receive the package faster if your address is Russia, thank you very much.

Package Include:

1 x nutritional oil

Important Note:
1. Metallic gel polish should use together with top coat, base coat and reinforce.
2. The metallic nail polish odor is very similar with the smell of regular nail polish: both are very heavy. And it look like water.If you are sensitive to such chemical smells, please consider carefully before placing your order.
3. Metallic gel polish can also dry naturally in about 30 seconds, if you don't want a UV manicure, you can just apply 2 to 3 layers of metal polish and let it dry naturally, but it will only last for 3 – 4 days.


PS:Color difference may be caused by some reasons such as color reflection in the monitor lighting,background,etc.

USD 4.82/pieceUSD 3.83/pieceUSD 1.48/pieceUSD 3.20-6.00/pieceUSD 3.55/pieceUSD 3.75/lot

Expert review
75 мл Высокое Качество Кутикулы Омолаживающий Нефти Nail Art Лечение Польский Уход За Кожей Смягчить Маникюр Косметика Питание Масло D038-002DD.
Review by: Amanda C.
Before my meeting with 75 ?? ??????? ???????? ???????? ????????????? ????? Nail Art ??????? ???????? ???? ?? ????? ???????? ??????? ????????? ??????? ????? D038-002DD, I had sampled all existing variants of resembling ones.Three weeks ago I stumbled upon this online shop and determined to give it a chance. In untested online stores I usually begin with consuming marginal sums – solely tocheck and decide whether to proceed with the vendor or not. I’m not the one who affords risks especially when it applies to monetary points. I determined this order was something I should invest in - and actually – not much of a waste at that. I frankly never imagined that the item like this could be a genuine game changer, but I was quite wrong. Who could imagine? Well, not me, for certain. whatever the case, it does accurately what it claims to do, and it does it perfectly.

The idea of 75 ?? ??????? ???????? ???????? ????????????? ????? Nail Art ??????? ???????? ???? ?? ????? ???????? ??????? ????????? ??????? ????? D038-002DD is so plain, and the charge so affordable that I figured it wouldn't trigger. But it does to the letter what it is invented to do. utterly worth the value. I've tried a bunch of items of the kind in the past… I couldn't seek for a better item. Kudos to the vendor!

It is really perfectly made. The style substantiates that aesthetic touch can make enormous alterity in the utilization of an item. I took up this one after inspecting the good comments and hoped they were correct. They were. There are more than one advantages to this version over the other ones I've tried:
  • It looks cool.
  • It is inexpensive.
  • It’s a high quality item.
  • It integrally accords its descriptor and doesn’t upset.

If you are in the market for an article like this, I can't conceive you'll dig out one better than this one.

No shopper’s disappointment; attained the package timely, total A+++ product. Highly recommend!
Overall Rating
Review Summary
Attractive form, nice worth, super quality and whole conformance to the description. One of the greatest products of this form I have ever took up, no sorrow.
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